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Cast Care Guidelines

You or your child has just been given a cast. Casts are placed for many different reasons, but the care remains essentially the same. Here are some of the more common issues. > read more


Cast After Care Guidelines

Congratulations! You/Your Child has just gotten your cast off. There is a normal course of recovery, which we have outlined for you.. > read more

Achilles Stretch

Ankle Sprain 1

Ankle Sprain 2

Back Exercises

Bow Legs

Clavicle Fractures

Elbow Fractures

Finger Fractures

Flat Feet

Flat Feet (Spanish)

Good Posture

In-Out Toeing

In-Out Toeing (Spanish)

Knock Knees

Leg Length Difference

Occult Fractures

Osgood Schlatters

Patellafemoral Syndrome


Scoliosis Exercises

Shin Splints

Torticollis 1

Torticollis 2

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